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At Elmont Discount Department Store, you can find plenty of different styles of men's clothing and women's clothing. Whatever the season, we guarantee you will find pieces that make you look and feel fabulous her at our clothing store. We have a variety of well-known brands that have deserved reputations for durability. Our wide range goes from casual wear to high end fashion. For instance, we have several shirts that can be used for work or for everyday use; we also carry everyday formals. Whatever your day to day occasion is, we have everything you need.

Let Elmont Discount Department Store be your personal stylist. We are experts when it comes to fashion. It is our goal to provide outstanding customer service and make you a fashionista. Our team is ready to help you update your wardrobe as well as your accessories.

Life is like a runway show, so make it count! Check out our clothing and accessories at Elmont Discount Department Store in Elmont, NY.