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discount storeAt Elmont Discount Department Store we are doing something that no one else is doing in the discount retail sales industry. Our discount store is very upmarket in style, appearance, and customer service. We feature bright colors, encouraging music and a well-dressed, professional staff. We are an "anti-dollar store", in that we are not messy, dirty, unorganized, dark, or unprofessional. We have a wide selection of groceries, men's and women's clothing, and home decor!

With a fine selection of clothing and accessories, each piece makes a bold fashion statement. We also provide home appliances and gifts, food, home supplies and so much more! We are the best bargain you will find here in Elmont, NY!

Our shopping environment is stylish, clean, organized, and brightly lit. Our customer service is extremely friendly and customer centered. Our prices are excellent, often beating our competition by large margins. We strive to provide an excellent shopping experience for our customers, which include our store appearance, environment, prices and customer service. We value our excellence in the value of products we sell and in the total shopping experience.

Come visit Elmont Discount Department Store in Elmont, NY today to see all that our discount store has to offer!

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